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I started creating corporate video in Philadelphia literally half a lifetime ago. A 22-year-old kid with limited equipment and a whole lot to learn, I'd walk into an organization and meet plenty of smart, charismatic people. Then we'd put them in front of the camera and everything changed. Those smart, charismatic people looked terrified, sweating and stumbling over the words of a stiff, heartless script that we worked on for endless hours leading up to production day. I didn't know much, but one thing I was absolutely certain of was this - there had to be a better way!

That's when we decided to do two very simple things. First we ditched the scripts because the story already existed in the minds and hearts of the team. My job was to simply engage them in a conversation to mine that story in a way that felt authentic and alive. Second, no more direct eye contact with the lens. Unless you're a news reporter, direct eye contact with a lens is unnerving. Instead we began to film our conversations documentary style. Those two seemingly small changes completely transformed the quality of the content and we haven't looked back since. Traditional corporate video doesn't work! In fact, it never has.

When I started, very few organizations were using video. There was no social media and websites were dominated by text. Clearly, things have changed. Video is now a must, but most companies simply don't know where to start. Our family recently got our kitchen renovated, and we struggled to find a contractor because we wanted a true expert to bring fresh ideas and creativity, not just a technician with some tools. Sure, we have the tools to create beautiful content, but our primary role is to bring fresh, creative, customized ideas to our clients. Creativity is unlimited and we approach every project with which we're entrusted with that mindset.

- Pat Taggart


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